International Trademarks and Patents Agents

The Trademark and Patent Division of BUFETE GAMBOA & DENGO (GAMBOA & DENGO LAW FIRM) has more than twenty-five years of experience providing services in the field of Intellectual Property. We have been members of the INTERNATIONAL TRADEMARK ASSOCIATION since 1988.

Registration of trademarks, renewals, assignments and other proceedings related to this type of activity in Costa Rica is regulated by Law No. 7978 of December 22, 1999.


In turn, the proceedings in connection with letters patent, drawings and industrial models and utility models are regulated by Law No. 6867 of April 5, 1983.


Likewise, Costa Rica has subscribed different international conventions on trademarks and patents, such as the Paris Convention, the Berne Convention, the Rome Convention and the Lisbon Arrangement, and has adopted and applied to the national legislation the PCT international regulations which govern matters related to patents.


The members of our law firm have attended various international training courses on trademarks and patents, including those provided by the U.S. firm Birch, Stewart Kolasch & Birch, as well as the courses on Intellectual Property provided by INTA.


Our law firm handles litigation on intellectual property matters, concerning similarity of trademarks and opposition proceedings, and unfair competition, as well as Court actions in case of rejection of trademark and patent applications. Furthermore, the attorneys at law of the firm also participate in all Court actions against provisions issued or adopted by Costa Rica concerning trademarks and patents which violate the Constitution of the Republic.


The work of the law firm is not limited to simple registration applications in the fields of trademarks and patents. It also has the capacity to answer any inquiries and provide any advice necessary before filing any applications; or else, to give legal opinions on cases of trademarks or patents being heard by administrative or Court authorities.


Gamboa & Dengo has developed a series of strategic alliances with law firms in the Central American region, which has permitted us to expand our services to all type of inquiries and applications in the field of trademarks and patents (PCT).